How can we effectively prevent electrical smog?

When an electric current passes through a conductor or device, the concentration of so-called positive ions increases in its vicinity, altering the natural electromagnetic and electrostatic balance of the biofield of the living body. Energy deficiency in the internal organs, resulting in various manifestations of fatigue, is a kind of initial stage that disrupts the body\’s natural state of functioning. These are among the factors that cause the initial onset of disease. Electrical smog thus interferes with the body\’s natural regeneration and causes premature aging. It is also produced by the twisting magnetic fields of power lines and high voltage lines.

Salt lamps as an effective treatment for electrosmog

Salt lamps are an excellent source of ionization in the natural environment. Heating the lamps further increases the ionizing effect and releases salt into the air more quickly, so a few large salt lamps can prevent the kind of climate that can be experienced at the beach, waterfalls, and other flowing water locations. In principle, so-callednegative ionsare formed, in contrast to the positive ions (electrosmog)
emitted by electrical devices, which have a beneficial effect on our organism
. Of course, they act as a kind of natural purifier of living organisms and help them regenerate.
solná lampa

Himalayan crystalline salt

Salt lamps are made by cracking crystalline salt stones. These are ancient salt deposits in the Himalayas in China, India, and Nepal. They are the remnants of salt deposits that have been deposited on the dry sea floor for millions of years. The high mineral content of salt is important, which is why salt lamps are usually reddish brown in color.
Salt lamps are available with holes for tealights or with bulbs. You can\’t go wrong with either one.