Looking for a new dad

Marriages break up all too often these days. Children grow up with their mothers, and mothers need help and support from time to time. Some are looking for a partner for their children, for themselves, and for a complete family. How can you avoid disappointing your man on your first date in a long time and with children?

květina v ruce

Being yourself is very important. Men like women who are themselves. Having said that, if you feel like eating a chocolate cake salad, eat it! By doing so, you let men know that you are one person, that you have cravings, and that you will not force them to eat only vegetables. Remember that men subconsciously want a woman who can take care of herself, the house, the kids, and can cook.

Another important aspect is appearance. Appearance can make or break a lot of things. When a man sees you, he makes up his mind based on your appearance, and if you are impressive, he will try to see your soul as well. It doesn\’t matter if you are fine or strong, if your hair is short or long, if you are tall or short. What I have in mind is the expression you show. The clothes, the shoes, the makeup. If you come to the store wearing Nicki Minaj makeup, shoes with 10cm heels, and cleavage all the way down to your stomach, you will not make an impression. Any man who tries to meet with a single mother wants a relationship unless you make other arrangements. Too much makeup or too much cleavage suggests that you only want one thing. Small heels, boots or ballerina shoes, a light neckline, and natural makeup that looks pretty but not overdone will work much better.
matka s dítětem

If you want to talk about the baby, talk about it. Don\’t overdo it. Often when mothers start talking about their children, they can\’t stop. If a man asks you a question about the baby, answer briefly. When asked about hobbies, it is not necessary to say, “I ride a bicycle now, but I used to prefer scooters, but I fell and ended up in the hospital,” but it is enough to say, “Jarushka likes to ride her bike.” If you talk too much about your children, men will begin to suspect that you are just looking for a man to be a father, not a partner, and a second date will not happen.

The topic of sex is also very important. Never initiate it. If you bring up the topic of sex in conversation, answer briefly, nonchalantly, and jokingly. However, do not mention the number of sex partners, secret desires, longings, or how long you have not had sex. Also, do not mention childbirth or how beautiful you will be after it. Yes, you may want to brag that you made it through childbirth, but he sees it for what it is. You are sitting in front of him and he knows you have a baby and he knows how birth works, but he doesn\’t want you to associate birth with your first date.

It is also very important not to recreate a movie role where the actress is running her fingers through her hair and laughing like a marigold on shit, if his humor isn\’t funny, don\’t laugh, it\’s better than an acting laugh.