How to make a witch/pagan appearance.

Directions such as pagan/Norse, Slavic, Greek, Roman etc./or whether the Wicca and nearby witchcraft industries certainly have their core poodle in certain spiritual and intellectual positions. Read some books, articles, listen to various videos from erudite people, go to the forest, do some rituals, really feel this direction But if you can handle this safely, there is no harm in looking like that. Of course, make sure your school/workplace is at least neutral to change. Some schools and workplaces may not be completely friendly to such an appearance, perhaps it is against their order – so make sure you always act according to it, even in clothes.
čarodějka v lese
There is no single guide to how to “properly” see witches/pagans. However, we can give you some tips that can help with your appearance related to witchcraft/pagan practice.
Wear an amulet. But these accessories are mainly not decorative, but especially protective, magical and purposeful. Considering what exercises you are engaged in, you can choose from a variety of talismans and talismans. After purchase, always clean the amulet under running water. For charging, you can use moonlight or moon water, for example. But not only are you forced to buy gems, you also have the opportunity to make them yourself – so you will at least have the opportunity to influence how the gems look. Fantasy has no limits.
 dívka s čarodějnou knihou
Grow long hair. It is clear that even short hair can achieve a natural mysterious appearance, but also from the fact that the length of the hair is related to the amount of strength that is contained in you, long hair is suitable for such an appearance.
Get a tattoo, preferably something that is important to you in some way. If you don\’t feel like a permanent tattoo, you can use different tattoos, or get something tattooed with henna. This is how the tattoo is washed off after a while.