Summer, and the biggest threat of all: drowning

Many tourists died while swimming this year. Every summer, a sad statistic emerges. Unfortunately, both adults and children are victims. The tropical days of this year are tempting everyone to refresh themselves in the water, otherwise they would have to cool down even on vacation. But that comes with its own dangers. Whether it\’s a pond or a lake, in short, every body of water poses this threat. And while I\’m sure everyone is telling you to watch yourself, unfortunately statistics are statistics, and that says a lot. About 200 people drown each year in the country. It is the second leading cause of death among children. More than half of all drownings occur near the shore.
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Some pools have lifeguards or lifeguards on duty, but do not rely on them. Although they are trained professionals, they may not be able to reach the drowning person in time, and in these cases it is really literally “seconds”. A home pool is simply safer for young children to swim in . Of course, there should always be adult supervision.
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In other countries, one must be careful about swimming in inclement weather. Waves and currents are unpredictable. If you feel a strong current while swimming, do not panic and especially do not swim back to shore against the current. By doing so, you will lose valuable physical strength. It is better to let yourself drift, relax in the surf, and swim slowly along the shore while floating, for example.
When swimming, it is safer to swim in pairs or groups. Do not jump into unfamiliar water warmed by heat or swim under the influence of alcohol. The latter adversely affects one\’s sense of direction and blood circulation.
Also, as everyone thinks and knows from television and other sources, it is not true that a drowning person cries out for help and waves his arms. In some cases, they may appear to be trying to breathe by raising their mouths while treading water. Even in the case of playful children, if they are playing happily and suddenly become mute, we need to pay attention and find out the cause. In short, real caution is needed here.