How to Prevent Disease with a Healthy Lifestyle

Many people still refuse to believe it, but the truth is that a healthy lifestyle can be a far more effective cure for many diseases and problems than various drugs and syrups. But let\’s look at a few ways in which we can boost our immune system and prevent many diseases.


The first and very important step to activate and improve immunity is to harden the body. Healthy hardening need not take place in a river of ice or a barrel full of ice bones. Proper hardening needs to be done gradually and carefully. It can easily be started at home while taking a daily shower. Begin by running cold water for a few seconds at the end of your usual hot shower. There is no need to shock the body immediately, just gradually lower the temperature of the water. Use only lukewarm water for the first few days and then gradually move to ice water. Also, gradually increase the amount of time you take cold showers. The first week it might be only 15 seconds, the next week it might be 20 seconds. In this way, each week, increase the duration. In a few days, it will not be so uncomfortable and you will be able to cope better. The important thing is not to give up after a few days.

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In addition to hardening, change your diet. Include as many fruits, vegetables, and legumes in your diet as possible. It is best to eat mainly locally grown foods that are not unnecessarily over-processed. Various sweeteners and other chemical additives are not good for our bodies. Be more careful and try to eat as much fresh food as possible without added chemicals. In just a few days, you will see the difference in yourself. Your digestion will improve, you will feel lighter, and you may even experience less stress. It is not in vain to say that “a man is what he eats”. I wish you the best of luck in improving your lifestyle!