Fashion in the era of Louis 16th

The Baroque wanted grandeur, splendor and excessive pomp. Not only in the field of architecture, painting, sculpture and music, but also in the field of clothing.
Therefore, the desire for eccentricity slowly replaced light materials and lace with new things, such as velvet and embroidery, ribbons and lace inserts.
socha ludvíka xiv
The women\’s dresswas reinforced with a skirt with an iron hoop, the skirt was cut in the center, lifted on the sides, skillfully ruffled and very often fixed with metal clasps or brooches.
On the other hand, the bodice was supported mainly by up to 1 kg of fish bones, and the back was equipped with classic lace and a square neckline. Clothes for women at that time were sewn mainly from French silk and the aforementioned brocade. Both fabrics have come to Bohemia since the end of the 17th century.
The necessary addition to the wardrobe was a powder wig, reinforced with powder wire, abundantly decorated with lace and artificial flowers. He could not miss the obligatory fans and leather or wool gloves. The shoes were made of goat skin, silk or brocade, slightly higher, with a wide heel.
mladá královna
The typical part of men\’s Baroque fashionbegan in the first half of the 17th century and was distinguished by its decorativeness, it was sewn from brocade and abundantly lined with ribbons, so it became a wide-ranging coat called just-au-corps. Its sleeves are rolled up high and the sleeves of the lace shirt are exposed. Under his coat, the Cavaliers hid knee-length vests decorated with some silk, tin, or silver buttons. Trousers reach just below the knee and are complemented by silk stockings.
Wearing a wig is also the Lord\’s duty, and as a badge of majesty and necessity, sturdy high heels have leather gloves and leather or brocade shoes, usually with a large bow or metal decorative buckle.