It’s healthier to be with cats

In this beautiful moment, our cats heal us. Don\’t believe me? Then let\’s read the next line.

American experts found that cat owners have a lower risk of dying from a heart attack than others. The study was conducted on 4.5 thousand adults. The results showed that cat owners had a 40% lower risk of heart attack. When there is a feline in the home, people are less anxious and stressed. Thus, they are protected from cardiovascular disease.
kočka v posteli

Felinotherapy (cat therapy) is used today in many medical and rehabilitation facilities as a supportive therapy for psychological and physical disorders. 19] Cat spinninghas already known to have beneficial effects on the human nervous system. When humans pet animals, the immune system is stimulated. In fact, certain acupuncture points are massaged. It has also been newly discoveredthat cats can inform us of our health status by spinning. In fact, cats try to heal us by spinning ! There is a certain tone to spinning for any health issue. If there are stomach problems, spinning is said to have a lower tone. If there are lung or bronchial problems, the spinning will be louder. When a spinning pet produces a high, loud tone, it is trying to help us from a headache. It has even been said that cats have the ability to “order” the intensity and length of each session depending on the ailment afflicting us

Each cat breed specializes in the treatment of a particular
. Such [32] British Blue [33] is a heart specialist, [34] Persian [35] is best for treating respiratory ailments and colds, [36] long-haired [37] cats are helpful with digestive ailments, [38] short-haired tabby [39] is most useful for stress relief, [40] [41] [42 ][43][44][45] The color of a cat\’s [46] coat is also important in treatment [47]. For example, a black cat should be taken into the bedroom when sleeping is difficult. White [51] cats help [50] against overeating when we are “hungry”. [52] Ginger [53] helps us when we are suffering from faintness.

Now, how about you? Do you have the right kitty home? If not, it\’s time to welcome her into your home.