Mobile Phones and Children

Speaking of which, last year my little guy kept begging me to buy him a cell phone. At the time, my son was 4 years old, so I was hesitant to let him have a cell phone yet. Isn\’t it too early? I kept thinking, hesitating, weighing the pros and cons, the other pros and cons. I found myself rather full of positives. But the biggest disadvantage and drawback I found was that a child could quickly become dependent on a cell phone. Like an alcoholic, they say. But I also don\’t like the fact that a child can become addicted to a cell phone. Seriously? How can that happen?

Často píšu sms.

I probably would have ignored it and let my kids get cell phones. I have a cell phone too, and come to think of it, we are so high tech, electronic, and online these days. After all, his cousin, who is only a year older than him, has had a cell phone for a while now. And I noticed that my cousin can already work with that cell phone, downloading music and taking videos, too. And then a month later I really bought my son an older smartphone, and he started taking videos too.

I děti chtějí mít mobil.

I was really surprised at how quickly my son learned how to use the phone. And I was surprised too. Because when I first got my first smartphone, it took me about a month to understand it perfectly. I still don\’t understand it 100%, but I do understand how to use it myself. And most importantly, I am happy to be able to text, call, and play my two favorite games. Do you also play your favorite mobile games? I do. I have a game that I\’ve been playing for probably over 10 years and I really enjoy it. When I have time, it\’s like my ritual to play a game on my phone for a few minutes.