Obsession with healthy eating

What is it?
The literal translation of the word orthorexia means “correct taste.”
This psychological disorder consists of a craving for extremely healthy and biologically pure foods. Because of this obsession, we classify it as an eating disorder. Patients with this disorder are extremely proud of themselves and their bodies. The disease was first diagnosed in 1997 by Dr. Steven Bratman in the United States.
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People suffering from this disease seek only “clean” food. What does that mean? It means food that has not been genetically modified or chemically treated in any way. Furthermore, meat, fat, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not included in the diet. Dyes, pesticides, fertilizers, and additives in food are also unimaginable to them. They are so particular about the origin of their food that they grow most of their food at home.
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After reading the previous two paragraphs, you probably already know that this “lifestyle” is not good for you. The body is extremely depleted due to strict dietary restrictions and eating almost exclusively fruits and vegetables. The body does not get enough vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other important substances.
Another problem that patients see as an advantage is the rapid loss of weight. In essence, they lose weight because they are not getting enough from fruits and vegetables. Rapid weight loss is not healthy, and in most cases the weight is regained. And sometimes they gain even more than their original weight.
Patients with this disease take a huge psychological hit. Almost all day long, all they can think about is food. They are completely obsessed with it and want to plan everything down to the last detail.
And not to forget, they try to convince those around them of the harmfulness of the food they eat. They want their neighbors to eat the same way they do. The only topic they seek out for discussion is healthy food and food in general.
Eating disorders are a long shot. Patients who want to be cured must first realize and admit that something is wrong. And this is the hardest part: they refuse to admit it. This type of disorder tends to stay with them throughout their lives. Only a small percentage of people are able to get out of it on their own. One of the best solutions is to make an appointment with a psychologist and agree on the right treatment plan.