Why ruin an expensive rod?

When a grown man, despite his emancipation, goes to the water\’s edge, he usually has something better to do than when he was a boy just beginning to surrender to his passion. He does not have to settle for such things, as sticks have long been insufficient for him. For one thing, he already has much more money than he did as a child, and thanks to his proper fishing license, he can frolic more without fear of someone taking his bar kayak away from him as a poacher.
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So many times such adult anglers come to the sea with very expensive rods. With a rod that they bought to enjoy their hobby and that will never be worth the catch.
And when such an angler has a top-of-the-line rod with a price tag that would turn many a man\’s doll, it is clear that he has no interest whatsoever in damaging this jewel.
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After all, he doesn\’t just want to keep this little wonder rod safe by displaying it in a display case in his living room. He wants to use it for practical purposes. Hence, he drives miles and miles to the canal and back.
And how can he make sure that nothing happens during transport?
There is no other option than to get something
to protect the rods. That is, an ideal rod cover.
There are many such covers, so you should have no problem finding the right one for almost every angler this country has ever dealt with. A specialty store should be able to offer the best for everyone. And actually, not just any wrapper will do.
The fisherman needs more than that. In fact, he doesn\’t need much more. For even that stick he used when he was a child would suffice if he were a little more modest.
a) Hooks of different sizes, depending on the type of fish he wants to catch
b) floats of different sizes
c) small lures
d) Glitters .
e) Wobblers

f) Line fineness and thickness [29].
(g) weights [30] (h) barbells [31] (i)
(h) Barbells [31] (i)
i) Underclips [32] (h) Underclips [32] (i) Underclips [32
j) Peen
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There are many things an angler wants! And because of his nickname, “The Fool Who Never Says a Thing,” he wants more specimens and more specimens. Such an angler is, in a sense, the ideal man.
Or who else do you know of who has a hobby that could easily be gifted on any occasion?