Oh, the Internet

Sometimes even gurus make mistakes. No amount of safe and carefree behavior on the Internet is enough, so sometimes you need to go back to the basics and check them again.
kyberprostor na páskách

Passwords and Accounts

Keep an eye on your passwords and accounts, in short, your login information in general. Passwords are your gateway to the online world and should not be peeked at without your permission. It is important to view strangers on the Internet, and sometimes even people you know, as potential pests.
a) Do not reveal your passwords = Do not reveal your passwords anywhere or tell anyone, even your best friends. Passwords are not for everyone to know, only the person in question.
b) Beware of phishing and smishing = If someone contacts you saying they urgently need your password or login information, automatically send it to all the devils and if it is a plausible looking message or email, know one thing – you No one wants your login data without malicious intent to hurt you . No administrator, social network boss, or other “trusted” contributor will ask you for your login information, even if it is for a good cause, like ending a war or bringing world peace. Your password and login credentials are and always will be yours, and even if that person owns the network or site, they have no right to ask you for it. [If the real owner wants it, he will just find it.
c) Secure connections = Never connect to your account or bank account on a publicly accessible network, a restaurant wifi, or a sleazy hotspot in the waiting room of the local train station. If you don\’t know who owns the hotspot or wifi and who is looking at it and with what intent, focus instead on looking at photos or watching videos.
If you suspect something is going on = block the account for peace of mind. In short, do the same thing you would if your card was lost or stolen. Block it, request a new one, and change the password just in case. If the police contact you via the Internet and ask for your card information on a “blank” page with the police emblem or the President of the Republic on the front, close the window without writing anything. If money starts disappearing from your wallet = ask your son if he paid anything to the “police.”