Self-help app tips

There are many different kinds of apps available these days: games, various social networks, or technical gadgets related to sound, pictures, finance, maps, business, etc. In this article, however, I will introduce you to a completely different kind of app: self-help apps.

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Self-help includes, in a sense, a commitment to alternative lifestyles such as veganism and vegetarianism. However, vegans and vegetarians may not be able to come up with delicious and healthy dishes, or they may be looking for a restaurant/bistro that meets their ethical requirements. For example, the Compassion app is suitable for this purpose. The app provides information on the latest news in the vegan world, as well as tips on various recipes (e.g., Indian, spreads, soups, Italian, sweets, mushroom dishes, legumes, salads, etc., grouped by category) and vegan events, They provide a map with vegan stores and restaurants (not only vegan, but also vegetarian, raw, macrobiotic, etc.)/. / 16]

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Working on dreams

Recording dreams, analyzing them, and using the insights gained from them can be a useful tool for personal development. For example, the Dream Catcher app allows users to name and write down their dreams and tag them in various ways, such as how they felt in the dream, whether it was a recurring dream, a nightmare, or a lucid dream. The app can help you find specific patterns that recur in your dreams and help you understand certain things in your life that you might not otherwise be aware of.


The ideal state is, of course, one in which you can meditate on your own, but there are also advantages to using guided meditation and breathing apps. For example, there are apps such as Mindfulness and Guided Sleep Meditation and Prana Breath, but in the latter case, be careful that the breathing techniques do not cause dizziness or other negative effects.