Prefer dark colored fruits

Plant healthy fruits in your garden and bet on useful and nice. Fruits can be matched to one color. For example, reach for dark blue and black. Who doesn\’t like blueberries ? They can be eaten in a variety of ways. Use them for dessert, marmalade, marrow, or just munch on them. The typical taste of this fruit is one of the most popular. They are not too difficult to grow.
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Provide blueberries with a well-ventilated soil with the proper PH and you can expect delicious fruit. Don\’t forget to provide adequate nutrients to the bushes and to feed them with forest rake or finely crushed conifer bark. Suitable peat and bark can be purchased at garden stores. Blackcurrant berriesmake a delicious feast. However, some people do not like them because of their typical taste. However, the fruit is highly valued for its high vitamin C content. It is effective against diarrhea and rheumatism.
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If you don\’t like the fruit, at least try a tea made from the leaves. You can definitely plant blackberries. Not only are the cultivars thornless, but the berries are large. As with blackcurrants, their high vitamin C content should not be overlooked. Blackberries make a very tasty jam or juice. They are best eaten fresh. Blackberriesgrow well in any garden. It is important to protect the plant from frost and cold winds. Blackberries do best in sunny locations. The berries will be sweeter. Blackberry is not very soil selective. Dry, stony soil is suitable. However, do not forget to fertilize them occasionally. It is recommended to protect them from frost during the first year after planting. Those who admire lesser-known and forgotten fruits should plant the black mulberry i. A tree that has been forgotten for many years is once again in the limelight. And this is thanks to its vitamin C content and various important minerals. Mulberries look like blackberries and taste delicious. But you can\’t go wrong with any of the fruits you plant, and they are sure to be beneficial to your body while you enjoy them.