Want to play new games? Buy a high-quality computer

Many laymen think that the latest games will work on virtually any computer. Well, they may work, but they are not fully playable. Remember that computers are not game consoles and need a little upgrade every once in a while. For a really great gaming experience, you need a really good processor and a good graphics card. With these two things, you should be able to run any game at least at basic HD resolution without any problems. Of course, be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars. Computers are not given away for free on the street.

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The processor is key. If you want to be able to handle the latest games, you must get a really powerful machine that can handle anything, not just the safe stuff. Such a processor will cost at least 5,000 kronor. The good news is that for as little as 5,000 kroner you can get a processor that can handle everything you need and still be usable in the future. The only gaming processors available today are those manufactured by AMD and Intel respectively. Both companies offer slightly different things in their processors; AMD relies on more threads and Intel on higher frequencies.
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Graphics cards

Processors are really important, without them you can\’t even run your computer. It is the graphics card that makes the difference between a great game, a mediocre game, a below-average game, or no game at all. If you really want high quality, be prepared to spend no more than 10,000 yen. High-performance graphics these days sell for around 15,000 kronor, which is certainly not a cheap purchase, but if you want to enjoy gaming without compromise, there is nothing else you can do. Such high-end cards will last for five years or more without having to be replaced.