Renault Clio

Let\’s start with the front. The sleek, not overdone headlights feature LED edge lights. These are gentle daytime running lights that fit the headlights just right. The rims also work their magic to accentuate the overall look, which is why the sipes on the 17-inch wheels are so pronounced. The interior offers sporty seats with side guidance made of high-quality materials. The interior also offers a choice of a sport steering wheel, which provides an overall sportier touch. There is certainly something in the rear as well. But when it comes to looks, everyone likes different things, so you\’ll have to decide for yourself.
Renault interiƩr
The first engine is the gasoline TCe 90, which guarantees comfortable acceleration. The main advantage of this engine will not be its rapid performance, but the more important parameter will be its consumption. According to the manufacturer, the consumption in combined operation reaches 5 liters per 100 km. It is equipped with the now common stop&start system, which reduces emissions and consumption when stopped for long periods of time; in ECO driving mode it can be reduced even further, so all these features make the car very economical. This engine is also available in a diesel dCI version.
Renault Clio
Accessories and equipment
The car has several practical features that make short and long trips more enjoyable. Some of them are already included in the price, others must be purchased. The rear bumper rail for the luggage compartment is highly recommended. They can scrape the paint when loading, but this trim prevents that from happening. The Clio also has a pretty good video/audio system, which is something that would help. We all use cell phones. There are special magnetic holders for them, plus a charger, etc. And of course, there are the rugs and covers that are always needed to extend the life of the seats. The biggest advantage of this car is still the price.