A Night Without Electricity

When a storm comes, the power often goes out. When that happens, you need to find something to save yourself from a boring night. You also need to entertain your loved ones.
Playing cardsis difficult on the one hand, but helpful on the other. Simply place a few candles on the coffee table and light them. This will serve as a light source, allowing you to see the cards in your hand and entertain not only yourself but the whole family.
Before the advent of electricity, our ancestors spent their nightsplucking feathers and telling stories with kerosene lamps. You, too, can tell stories, either from the past that you remember or by making up scary tales.
duch, strašidelné, schody
If you are not scared and are done with fear, if you are in a group of more senior people, nothing is easier than to hold a candle, hold hands, and try
to invoke a ghost . Such a risk already exists and is used as an evening pastime among young people.
Or you can trytasting
games. Just buy one type of food from five different producers. For example, orange mineral water, orange or apple juice. Then you have to find out which of the foods served are expensive and which are cheap. This game is very popular in Hungary now. You can also compare water drinks. We don\’t have to play the game when the electricity is out; we can do it whenever we feel like it.
There is no harm in guessingwhat it is we are eating. We can plug our nose, cover our eyes, and put something in our mouth to chew and feed us. This is much more difficult than eating something with the eyes closed and only the nose “free.”
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With a rechargeable backlight for books,readingcan be done. You can also play pecks by candlelight,
or paint in the dark.
On dark nights, you can relax in the bath by candlelight, or sleep in bed listening to music. There are many things you can do without electricity.