Risks When Buying a Used Car

Statistics are unforgiving. According to statistics from the Czech Trade Inspection Service, in 57% of cases, used car dealers do not provide information about the actual mileage or the fact that the car has been in an accident. The situation has improved considerably, as major car dealers inspect cars before purchase to detect problematic vehicles.
The most dangerous cars are those advertised and sold by private sellers at attractive prices. As a rule, these are privately imported cars from abroad, where it is almost impossible to discover their maintenance history and there is great room for manipulation of the mileage.
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It is always advisable to be accompanied by a mechanic when purchasing a vehicle, but if for some reason this is not possible, an on-site inspection at an authorized maintenance facility can be arranged. The assessment should focus on the current technical condition of the car, taking into account the declared mileage. The condition of the car will vary depending on whether it has been driven on a business trip on a European highway or near Prague. During the inspection drive, be on the lookout for any suspicious mechanical noises coming from the engine or gearbox. Also pay attention to the chassis, shock absorbers, and wheel hub bearings.
If the original owner of the vehicle is in foreclosure, a major problem arises. He or she can only sell the car if the lender and the court agree and payments are made to the foreclosure office. Otherwise, the bailiff will seize the car from the new owner, to the detriment of the creditor.
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Pay attention to the purchase agreement, especially the identification of the contracting parties, the most detailed description of the car in question, its technical condition, the agreed price, and the form of payment. There is a 10-day grace period to register the car in the motor vehicle registry. Both the seller and the buyer may appear, and either one may arrange the transfer with the power of attorney of the other. The transfer application must be accompanied by a vehicle registration inspection report and a certificate of liability, the so-called green card.