New Era

People do not want to work, entrepreneurs are angry, and managers are helpless. At the beginning of this article, I would like to powerfully point out the difference between a sole proprietor or a small entrepreneur with a few employees and a manager or owner of a huge corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees. The former often struggle to barely survive, and their work hours are not much different from those of ordinary foremen, craftsmen, and company employees, while the latter too often simply enjoy the fruits of the labor of others. Ordzic Goziš, owner of the Interact food empire, describes this situation as a dictatorship of employees who sometimes take orders from management by going on strike or quitting. Let\’s take a look at what Mr. Godzish, a big businessman, imagines by the word dictatorship.

Manažer nebo příživník

The situation is as follows, and it should be noted that this is the situation in most companies today. An owner with an annual income of 100 million feels that his income is too low and orders his managers to increase labor productivity. Managers take the easiest way and simply order people to work more under various threats. But given today\’s labor market conditions and the fact that today\’s youth are no longer educated in blind obedience to control by their parents and schools, as is sometimes the case, they are met with evil. Not only do employees not work more, but the most skilled and capable employees begin to retire. This is because they are willing to risk temporary unemployment or take a more fulfilling job, even if it pays less. Next, the most capable employees gradually leave in search of a better place to work, and management begins to increase the pressure on the remaining employees because they just can\’t understand why. Employees are unable or unwilling to leave for a variety of reasons, and they take sick leave more and more frequently due to overwork. Productivity not only does not increase, it declines alarmingly. When this happens, management begins planning to bring in foreign workers, but unfortunately, even Ukrainians now turn out to be too stupid and desperate to be needed, and once they look around, they realize they can make more money elsewhere, and productivity declines even further.
Vytváření hodnot

I don\’t know about you guys, but this system seems unsustainable to me. I myself have already witnessed a severe decline in service and quality of even the most common commodities. I have seen rotten meat served at the store, I have had to wait for hours at the cash register due to a lack of waitresses, and when I go to a restaurant, where once there was a beautiful older lady serving me, there is now a single waitress who is annoyingly slow. Businesses refuse to take orders or produce hopelessly poor quality food. Metaphorically speaking, the ship is sinking, but the elites on the upper deck are still dancing and the orchestra is still playing.