Share posts at the optimal time

In the online world, there are many marketers who focus their work on social networks. Social networks are great for promoting products and services, are virtually free, and are very effective. But it is not only the content that matters, but also the time it takes to provide the posts to followers.

But this does not only apply to businesses. There are many people on the Internet who want to get as many followers, likes and hearts. For them, too, the following information is very important. Because they want to break through and come out on top among the flood of contributors.
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Best Time for New Posts

Hubspot decided to find out when social media browsing is busiest. So, he measured click statistics. The results he produced are not surprising. The results were:

  • 7:00 AM,
  • 9:00 PM,
  • Sunday.

Exactly. The best time to post new content is early in the morning or late at night . Not because it makes sense, but because people watch the news before they go to work, and at night, before they go to sleep, they catch up on what happened during the day. As for during the day, there is not much difference. Sunday leads, but only by a few clicks.
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The Perfect Strategy

As is often said, statistics are boring, but they hold valuable data. And they tell us that we should share no more than five timesa week. Furthermore, you will get buried in the flood of content on social media.

Of course, focus on the quality of your content. Don\’t overwhelm users with meaningless information in order to give them something to do. Provide useful information in a nice, fun way. Use images, photos, and videos. More people stop to look at visuals. Plain text does not attract users as much.

Ask your readers

The opinions of those who follow you are very important. Don\’t be afraid to ask from time to time what they would like to see. Would you like to see more videos and tutorials? Would you like to see more pictures of your workflow? Or want to get to know the people behind your favorite products? Send us a survey or vote directly on our Facebook page or Instagram stories.