Unemployment continues to fall

The European Union (EU) economy is booming, with unemployment falling throughout the Eurozone and remaining around 9%. However, a major contributor to the decline in unemployment in Europe is the Czech Republic. Unemployment in the Czech Republic has been hovering around 4% for some time and is even at an all-time low of 2.9% in the EU as a whole. This means that the Czech economy is doing better than, for example, its neighbor and traditionally stronger economy, Germany, which has an EU-wide unemployment rate of around 4%.
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Greece, on the other hand, has a very high unemployment rate, the worst in the EU. In our country, employment is plentiful, and if an individual is interested in working, it is not difficult to find a job. The growth of the Czech economy in recent months has been influenced mainly by seasonal employment in construction, agriculture, and tourism. It has also succeeded in reducing the number of long-term unemployed people.

The strongest performing regions are Pilsen, Pardubice, Hradec Kralove, South Bohemia, and of course Prague. Unemployment is traditionally highest in the northern regions of Usti nad Labem and Moravian Silesia. The reason for this is the high percentage of unskilled workers who have been unemployed for long periods of time to engage in the industrial production that once flourished in these regions. However, the unemployment rate in these regions is also gradually decreasing. This has been helped by retraining courses, seasonal work, expanded production in some industrial enterprises, and social services
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There is a group of people at risk

for whom employment is more difficult and often almost impossible. Intensive care is available for these people through the Department of Labor, social workers, and various non-profit organizations. Those most at risk of unemployment are:
– the disabled,
– graduates with no work experience,
– those without qualifications,
– those over 50 years old,
– mothers caring for young children,
– those serving prison sentences,
– addicts