Many women smile as soon as they hear the word shopping. The moment of spending hours at the mall, picking out the best items for their wardrobe, is surely a moment that every woman would welcome. But there is no shopping like shopping. What is the poet trying to say? People shop for pleasure; others shop for profit.

nákupní košík

-Shopping for Profit

Surely you have met at least one person, whether in a physical store or online, who shops not only for the house but also for the store. Today, sales reign supreme, primarily on social media.

– Online Shopping

Online shopping saves a lot of time and effort. You don\’t have to go anywhere, rush for the bus, or worry about missing the bus. You can shop from the comfort of your home. The only drawback is that you can\’t try on items, but that\’s not a problem in many cases, unless it\’s clothing. Even if you decide to buy an item and the length or size doesn\’t fit at home, companies are willing to refund or exchange it.
žena s nákupními taškami

– Shopping from abroad

Today, shopping in the US, Germany or China, for example, is not a big problem. Many people save a lot of money this way. Not only can they buy cheaper than domestically, but they can often find goods that are not available domestically. Whether it is designer clothing or electronics. However, one must take into account that when buying from abroad, the delivery time is many times longer than when ordering goods from Prague, for example. Also, one should not forget that taxes and shipping charges are added to the price of the goods. The most common problem with buying from abroad is the possibility of running into a scammer who reassures you of your wallet but delivers nothing to your home, or sends you a fake. In such cases, it never hurts to at least know the basics of the foreign language. To avoid customs duties and VAT, it is best to buy within the EU