Flying with Children

Do you want to flyon vacation with your child, but feel that your child cannot tolerate air travel? Or conversely, do you doubt that they can tolerate such a trip and the stress that goes along with it? Still, there is nothing to worry about. Traveling by plane is not as demanding as traveling by bus or train. If you prepare in advance, everything will go smoothly.
Children under two years of age pay a small fee for the fare, not the full amount. However, they must sit on your lap during the trip. If a separate seat is desired for the child, the full fare must be paid.
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What can I bring for my child?
Of course, it depends on the regulations of the airline you use. However, the end result is pretty much the same.
– You can only bring one piece of luggage on board for your child, such as a change of clothes bag.
– Two other pieces of baggage can be checked in (stroller, travel cot, car seat, etc.)
All of this is, of course, already included in the price of the ticket.
You can carry the stroller until boarding, fold it at the boarding gate, label it, and check it in. Once folded, labeled and checked in at the boarding gate, the attendant will handle everything and you can pick it up at the gate upon landing.
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Then you can pack your child\’s belongings on the plane with them, depending on their respective needs. And of course, food and drinks. During takeoff and landing, the change in air pressure can cause their ears to be flattened and sore. Then there are toys, books, and anything else that will keep your child occupied during the flight. If you are lucky, the humming of the plane may put your child to sleep. If necessary, you can have them change in the restroom, where there is a diaper changing station.
To simplify the airport process, fast-tracking can help you avoid long lines for X-ray screening. Children can be given as much water as they need.
If traveling alone with small children, do not be afraid to ask for help from staff or other passengers if needed. Most are understanding and willing to help.