Traveling Under a Tent

Like most Czechs, you are looking forward to summer. But you\’re sick of hanging out on the beach all day and doing nothing. If you are the active type and want to enjoy your vacation in an active way and see as many placesas possible, then when planning your vacation this year, why not change things up a bit by going camping instead of staying in a hotel?
vaření na ohni

Advantages of Staying Under a Tent

Apart from the fact that I have fond memories of sleeping under a tent when I was younger, sleeping under a tent is simply charming and definitely very romantic. If you decide to spend this summer under a tent,you can have great adventuresand go to more places. There is always a place to pitch your tent, and with campgrounds everywhere, both domestic and international, you can sleep in a different place every night. You can check in when you want and leave when you want, without the hassle of reserving a room. Also, campgrounds these days are so well-equipped that nothing is too much trouble for you in your tent. At campsites, you can charge your grain cell phone, there are showers and toilets, kettles and microwaves, and even rice cookers and pots in the kitchen if you want to cook roast beef for dinner. Can\’t sleep on the floor because your back hurts? Get a mattress or air mattress and a sleeping bag and you\’ll sleep like a dream. Go camping with your kids, no matter what their age, they will love it. Remember how much you loved camping as a child? Don\’t forget to roast marshmallows by your tent at night.
slunce nad mořem

Pitch your tent facing the seaThere are many beautiful places with quality camping sites, but you don\’t have to spend your vacation under a tent only in the Czech Republic. You can travelabroadand go to theseafor example. Not only can you save on accommodation costs,but you are not tied to one place, and you can travel half of Croatia. For us Czechs, Croatia is still one of the top summer vacation destinations. But there are other beautiful countries right under our noses. Campsites by the sea are very well equipped and some tourists spend half a summer there. The only thing you have to be prepared for when sleeping in a tent by the sea is bugs. The insects vary widely and unfortunately are often a bit large and nasty. But if you can withstand the cicadas and spiders, you will have a wonderful vacation you will never forget. Traveling with a tentis magical, but to be perfect you always need weather, which can be a bit unpredictable by the sea. But with a good tent, the weather is never a factor.