What are non-returnable products?

Even today, there are some products that cannot be returned, even within the 14-day warranty period after purchase. There are some exceptions that can\’t be helped. Moreover, when shopping at e-shops, it is often the case that even concert tickets or custom-made curtains cannot be returned. Some may think this is ridiculous, but unfortunately it is.
The law states that consumers can return goods within 14 days without giving a reason, but it also lists several situations in which a contract cannot be withdrawn.
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For example, one cannot withdraw if the goods are customized or are toiletries that are sold in sealed packages and have already been unpacked. It would be obvious that a toothbrush that is already unpacked, for example, would not sell even if it is upside down. No one would buy such a product. It is because they are unhygienic.
It is precisely because of this situation that the law protects businesses from customers who would purchase such products without due care beforehand.
The same rules apply to goods such as food and flowers.
Even music and movie CDs and DVDs cannot be returned if the original packaging is damaged. This is not because they have not been sold, but because of copyright protection.
Tickets for concerts and other cultural events have already been discussed.
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The situation is a little different for some services. If you order some service over the Internet or by phone and it takes place off the premises of the store, it should not be provided before the 14-day period expires.
Caution Just because there is no possibility to terminate the contract does not mean that you cannot complain: within 2 years, you have the right to pursue liability for defects. However, the main claim is for free repair, unfortunately not for a refund.
Therefore, it is advisable to think carefully in advance about the goods you are purchasing.