Adolescents who misbehave, who is to blame?

If you are reading this article and wondering where you went wrong, know that it is not because of one factor, but a complex one that we often have no control over.7] – Home is the foundation, provide children with basic values and life role models. It also supervises and actively participates in the basic education of the child and adolescent.12] According to
, it is a problem when the family is not functioning and not providing the right attitudes and role models. This will lead to conflict and disapproval of authority. From there, problematic behavior may arise. However, even if the family is exemplary, the right role models and values may not help.
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[After the home, the school system shapes the child because children spend most of their time at school. If a child is having problems in school, is bored, is not keeping up with his or her studies, or is not getting along with classmates, all problems manifest themselves in both grades and behavior. However, problem behavior is difficult to stop, and in many cases, youngsters get involved with the wrong crowd and already have problems. If teachers detect problems early, they can intervene sensitively, help, arrange tutoring, and transfer them to another school…
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Personality– Everyone is different. Some teens have rebellious blood in their veins and always do the exact opposite of what is expected of them. They may also deny responsibility for their actions, make excuses, and blame those around them.
Nature – Adolescence is an absolutely natural thing that happens to all people. The degree to which puberty is raging depends not only on us, our immediate family, the adolescent himself/herself, the environment and attitudes in school, but also on hormonal balance, the speed of puberty, and the interests of the adolescent child. The only thing we can promise is the fact that it will probably pass.