Menstruation – The Holiday Enemy. How to Avoid?

Go on vacation and find out that your period is coming. Instead of swimming, just sit under an umbrella. It\’s the law of convenience. The most important thing to avoid is delaying your period. Many women visit a gynecologist every year because of this problem.
Can this problem be solved during the holidays without subsequent problems?
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Birth control pills to delay menstruation
Hormonal contraceptives (HCA) can be used to delay menstruation. HCAs delay the onset of menstruation by continuing to take them without interruption until you return from vacation. Menstruation comes after finishing one pack. After that, take the next pack in the usual way; it is recommended that you consult your gynecologist, as there are several different types of HAK, each with different effects. Some people experience headaches and menstrual irregularities, others do not; always consult a gynecologist before using HAK, as it can make the holidays uncomfortable.
Special pills
There are several types of menstrual delay pills on the market, best taken three days before the vacation.
Eating acidic foods to delay menstruation?
Eating lemons is said to delay the onset of menstruation. Lemons and lemon juice do not delay menstruation; at most they delay it by a day or two.
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Tampons and the ocean
During menstruation, women sometimes use tampons. The high salt content of seawater prevents the growth of microorganisms.29]

For young women, delaying menstruation is of course not an option. During puberty, hormone levels are still unstable and should not be interfered with unless necessary for medical reasons.
However, one should also consider the fact that they will be spending most of their time under an umbrella. In any case, there is no option to go every weekend, so try to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.